Personalized Approach to Home Care in Bridgewater and Parsippany, NJ

Making Every Moment of Life Matter

We know that quality care isn’t only about making sure your mother’s kitchen is clean and her laundry is done. Quality care means keeping your mother engaged in her life and providing her choices that will keep her outlook positive. We call it Interactive Caregiving™ and it is a philosophy of care derived from numerous studies and practical experience.

Warm and Compassionate Assistance - Speak to a Home Care Professional and Ask Questions.

Our Comfort Keepers® are exceptional because each one must pass not only our psychological behavioral survey, but also what we call the “lovability test.” We hold our employees to the highest possible competency standards, but if we don’t sense a warm, “teddy-bear” heart, they’re not employed by Comfort Keepers®. By only accepting the most caring, compassionate people to work for our organization, you can see the immediate difference between us and any other agency. There are plenty of people who can become a caregiver; not everyone can be a Comfort Keeper®."

CALL (973) 846-4488 or CLICK HERE for an in home consultation.

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Our Service Area:

  • Home Care Bridgewater NJ
  • Home Care Parsippany NJ
  • Home Care Livingston NJ
  • Home Care Morristown NJ

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